Chevelle Tops Pop!

Chevelle's new album La Gárgola has successfully debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 list making it Chevelle's highest debuting album to date! The single Take Out The Gunman has also landed itself at the #1 spot of it's charts, making it Chevelle's fifth #1 single!

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Chevelle Tops Pop?

With some massive buzz and momentum coming off of Chevelles recent release of their seventh studio album, La Gargola, the band finds themselves on a path to to the top of the carts. Their fifth studio album, Scifi Crimes, debuted at #6 on the charts. Already sitting as the number one selling CD on Amazon, La Gargola is quickly showing that it has the potential to overtake Scifi Crimes as Chevelles top debuting album. In an attempt to make the Billboard Top 200 list, Chevelle Online and Chevelle partnered up to trend the band on Twitter; encouraging people to buy copies of the album to bolster numbers, and hopefully setting record figures for the trio.

Keep up with all the stats for Chevelle singles and the entire album here:

Places to buy La Gargola:
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La Gargola

Do you have the new album yet? Chevelle's new album is in the running to be on the billboard top 200 charts this week! La Gargola became available world wide on April 1st at Best Buy, Target, Wal Mart and other stores including online stores such as iTunes.

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Like Loefflers

In a family of four girls and three boys, the boys seem to have balanced those numbers. In recent Loeffler family news that's been dwarfed by the release of La Gargola, Sam and Pete have recently been made aware of, and introduced to, the man that is claiming to be their long lost brother. But is another Loeffler brother really good news? This self acclaimed Loeffler has made some rather incredulous claims. To start, this new brother has been quoted as to stating that he sarted the band. The only reason he didn't continue with Chevelle is because he broke with the family for a while in search for an ancient artifact, an ancient musical artifact that would help create the perfect guitar music. Now that he is back, he wants to retake the band and create the perfect album. How legitimate are this mans claims? Can he really be trusted? I mean really, can you trust someone with a mustache like that?


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New Lyrics!

The lyrics section has been updated to include La Gárgola. Fizgig is also now in the rarities section. Go dig in!


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Chevelle Online is now on tumblr! We've got a steady stream of fan created content, videos, rarities, new gallery additions and more. Follow us and start spreading the Chevelle love across the blogosphere.

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Welcome to

The greatly anticipated rebuild of the new online Chevelle store is almost here! This rebuild was done with the goal to make it more user friendly. Due to launch by weekends end, this new store is much more than just a store and comes with a few changes. What changes can we expect, you might ask. Well, for starters, the name is changing to Following in the footprints of the previous web store, and unlike Chevelle Inc, which is run by the bands record label Epic, this new website is directly run by the band for the fans.

As in the past, Chevelle has always made an effort to take into serious consideration what the fans want. Input from the fans has greatly helped shape how the new website will look and act. Social Networking is a very prevalent form of communication in this modern day and age. Bands use sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as a way of communicating with their fans. Some fans though, do not utilize these sites and therefore miss out on a substantial amount of social networking 'exclusive' material. Something you will notice rather quickly when you first hop onto is the social feed on the front page. Whenever a member from Chevelle makes a post on their Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, it will automatically be synced up and posted to the GetMoreChevelle social feed. Fans won't have to be ever diligent about keeping up on the bands respective feeds to keep completely updated anymore. This is being done in an effort to streamline the process of bringing news from "us to our fans", as the band stated.

The 'Fan of the Day' feature will carry over from the old site. For those of us not familiar with the Fan of the Day, how this works is that fans submit photos and stories of themselves and their experiences with Chevelle. At midnight every night, a 'Fan of the Day' is picked and posted to the site. This still holds true for the rebuild. The difference is that on Get More Chevelle, the Fan of the Day will also be posted to the bands Facebook account for 1.4 million people to see.

What is being called the "2-Click" system is being implemented on the rebuild. What this means to you is that, no matter where you are within the site, you will be two clicks away from every thing else. This way users don't have to mouse their way through a maze of links just to get where they need to be. Want to buy some new Chevelle merch? Click twice and you're there. Want to check the tour schedule? One click, two click, touchdown. Need to get back the the news feed? Click your mouse twice and you're home.

If your first goal is to buy some long awaited and much needed Chevelle merchandise, when the site launches, there will only be three t-shirts and one hoodie available. All four of these items are of brand new design. Older items will be made available as the weeks progress.

As a fore mentioned, Chevelle has made it a point to take into consideration what the fans want. They spared no expense in a new application that you will see on the site. In a massive undertaking that has taken longer to make operational than it took to create the rest of the site, Chevelle is bringing you the ability to request any Chevelle song to be played on your local radio station. The goal is to make this available world wide, but due to the sheer logistics of this task, it will take time to make this feature fully operational and available.

As happens with most forum boards and websites, technical difficulties do arise and users sometimes bump into problems. In an effort to help alleviate any problems that arise, as well as obtain feed back from the users, two separate lines of contact will be provided. One comes in the form of a direct email to the band. If you have a problem or suggestion for the site, they want to make sure they hear it. For more time sensitive issues, a Customer Support Call Line is also being made available.

The fans have asked, the band has listened, the fans have waited, and the band has labored. Party on Chevellions!

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